BlueSuit is currently only available to users enrolled in our invite-only Beta. If you are interested in being added to our invite-only Beta, please send us a message HERE.

Automate the boring parts

Abstract, manage, update, & share your deals seamlessly.

We pull important dates out of your commercial real estate contracts.

Then we put them into a readable & easy to share format.

BlueSuit handles the cumbersome task of pulling important information out of your contracts with machine learning & artificial intelligence.

This ready-to-read info can be shared with your team in seconds.

Upload the Contract
  • Create an account and enter some basic deal info
  • Upload a PDF of your purchase and sale agreement
Scribe the Contract
  • BlueSuit analyzes your contract and pulls out the important data for you to review
  • BlueSuit puts your data into a clean, ready to read abstract that highlights the most important bits of data
Share the Contract
  • Quickly share your abstract with your team
  • Easily re-send abstracts and amendments